Waterproof flooring for every room

With waterproof flooring in place, you'll never have to worry about water damage. But there are many other things you won't have to worry about either. And with so many great benefits, you might find this floor covering a perfect match for your home.

Built-in beauty

Waterproof flooring offers some of the most beautiful visuals of any floor covering. They can mimic natural tile, stone, and solid hardwood flooring, with beautiful colors. But they also offer unique textures that can provide embossing to match the grain look.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is a great choice no matter what decor you have in place. These products will match various styles, including rustic, contemporary, and eclectic. But don't forget to consider all the trendy options, which could be a perfect match for your home.

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Durability is important

Of course, waterproof floors offer complete protection against water damage. But they offer plenty of other protective features as well. You'll see fewer scars, scratches, scuffs, and stains for a look that lasts for years if well maintained.

It's important to know that water-resistant flooring differs from waterproof materials. The difference between the two types of flooring is time. Water-resistant surfaces are not impervious to water, so you have up to 72 hours to clean them.

Waterproof floors are easy to install

If you choose a floating floor, you'll get the fastest installation for this flooring type. But even glue-down methods are often finished in a day or less. When you choose your specific materials, we'll explain the process and what you can expect.

But waterproof flooring is also easy to keep clean. You can keep these floors looking like new for years with a daily routine. Remember to use only manufacturer-approved commercial cleaners for the best results.
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