Carpet could be your best flooring choice

The perfect floor covering is the one that meets your needs, and for you, that could be carpet. These floors are soft, comfortable, and offer a reasonable lifespan, even in busy areas. If you've never experienced this flooring for yourself, now is a great time to find out more about how it could serve you.

Visual appeal for all

You'll enjoy stunning visuals incorporating fiber type, style, color, and more. The result is an ideal decor match that is both trendy and useful in almost every room of your home. Solid colors, patterns, and designs help create the look you've always wanted.

Carpet trends help to keep you current, with both neutral and bold options. Neutral colors like blue and gray give you a perfect palette for a busy room design. But bold patterns and multicolor designs can make a remarkable statement for active rooms.

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Do you need durability?

Nylon carpets make up most carpeting sold, offering fantastic crush resistance. But you can choose brands that build stain and odor protection into the fibers of their flooring. This protection does not wash, protecting the floors through their entire lifespan.

A professional carpet installation can also add much to your floor's durability. It ensures a flawless installation and warranties to cover both products and work. In addition, our technicians have the training and certification to put your mind at ease for years to come.

More carpet benefits

There are plenty of other benefits to this flooring line as well. Impressive noise suppression helps keep your home quiet, comfortable, and peaceful. You'll find a relaxing atmosphere with carpet flooring even with excessive traffic.

If you struggle with allergies, be sure to ask about hypoallergenic fibers. These help trap and hold allergens for complete removal when you vacuum your floors. We'll tell you about even more benefits you'll find in this flooring line when you visit us.
Luxury carpet in Citrus Heights, CA from Noble Flooring Inc

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