If you're looking for the perfect visual for your new flooring, sheet vinyl flooring is a great choice. However, the stone look is a popular choice that offers trendy options, so consider all your options.

Visuals for every need
The stone look adds elegance to formal areas that work well for various styles. Consider looks like marble, granite, and travertine for stunning perfection for any room.

With a complete lack of seams, there are no lines to cut through the visual appeal of the surface. You'll want to see sheet vinyl flooring in person to appreciate the realism of each one.

Durability is important too
Vinyl sheet
offers a durability level that will serve you in even your busiest areas. You get scratch, scuff, and stain resistance that can serve you for 15 years or more.

These floors are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers with complete waterproof protection. But it's also an ideal addition if you are a parent or pet owner.

Vinyl flooring installation information
A professional installation is best since a single layer covers most average-sized rooms. We have the experience, training, and equipment to ensure the perfect fit and look.

Vinyl flooring in sheet form is easy to care for, especially with regular maintenance. Be sure to use only cleaners recommended by the manufacturer or give us a call for advice.

We have the sheet vinyl flooring you need
At Noble Flooring Inc., we care about your flooring results in every room of your home, no matter how large or small. And we'll make sure you find the perfect match for your decor needs.

Choose your best sheet vinyl flooring today at our Citrus Heights, CA showroom any time you're in the area. We serve Greater Sacramento and The Bay Area, and we look forward to serving you too, so stop by today.